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What are the reasons for the failure of the vertical packaging machine?

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The vertical packaging machine is suitable for the automatic measurement and packaging of various powders, powders and powders of uniform fine particles and non-sticky powder materials (biological fertilizer, feed, additives, milk powder, pesticides, veterinary drugs, etc.). There are often some failures. What are the reasons for the easy failures?

The reasons for the failure of vertical packaging machines are as follows:

1. The ribbon has been used up, the vertical packaging machine will not stop automatically.

2. The pressure is not high or insufficient and the top is not in place.

3. Check the distance that the ribbon moves each time, the distance is too close, the typing is not clear or there is no typing, and the distance is too far to waste the ribbon.

4. The tension of the slack tension adjustment nut is moderate, and the ribbon cannot be pulled if it is too tight. If it is too loose, it will often alarm and affect the speed.

5. It is not clear to adjust the typing time of the packaging machine (in the packaging touch screen), and can be reduced.

6. Check whether the characters are arranged neatly and have uneven height.

7. Check whether the ribbon is reused without ink.

8. Check whether individual characters are loose or loose.

The prone failures of vertical packaging machines are generally caused by the above reasons. When failures occur, we all need to solve these problems in time, and we all need to try to avoid the occurrence of failure problems.

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