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The principle and use method of density meter

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The principle of the density meter is based on the Archimedes principle F float = ρ liquid gV row, we can see that the greater the density of the liquid, the smaller the volume of the liquid discharged by the density meter. The floating and sinking conditions of the object are used to make the densitometer float in the liquid. According to the floating and sinking conditions of the object, it can be known that F float = G object when floating, and the gravity of the object remains unchanged, and the buoyancy remains unchanged.

The density meter used in physics experiments is an instrument for measuring the density of liquids. It is manufactured and worked according to the principle that the buoyancy of an object floating in the liquid is equal to gravity. The density meter is a sealed glass with uneven thickness The lower part of the tube is equipped with a small amount of lead shot or mercury with higher density. When using, put the density meter vertically into the liquid to be measured, and wait until the density meter is leveled.

After it is stable, read the density of the liquid to be measured from its scale. There are two commonly used densitometers, one for measuring the density of a liquid with a density greater than that of pure water, called a weight meter; the other for measuring the density of a liquid with a smaller density than pure water , Called light watch.

How to use the density meter:

Measurement steps:

①Put the product into the measuring table, display the weight of the product, and press the ENTER key to remember.

②The density value will be displayed when the product is put into water.

Density meters are suitable for all walks of life. At the same time, with the continuous advancement of science and technology, the measurement level of the density meters has also been continuously improved. The measurement is not allowed, and the whole process does not take 1 minute.

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