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In which industries are electronic density hydrometers widely used?

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In which industries are electronic density hydrometers widely used? Electronic density hydrometer is suitable for various industries

The electronic density meter is a new type of specific gravity testing instrument developed by combining Archimedes' principles. This instrument changes the tedious operation of traditional density testing and realizes rapid and accurate measurement of irregular samples. It can meet the measurement requirements of sample density in the process of modern product production and new material research. Calculation formula: ρ liquid=(WA-WB)xρ/standard block V.

Electronic density meter is suitable for various industries: rubber, plastic, polymer, composite materials, wire and cable, sports equipment, electronic materials, glass products, tire industry, shoe industry, alloy metals, precious metals, auto parts, mechanical parts, gems Jewelry, ceramics, magnetic materials, powder metallurgy, power tools, refractory materials, micro fans, hardware recycling, engineering and construction, soil, graphite, cement, cosmetics, chemicals, food and beverages, paints and coatings, current energy, chemical additives, chemicals Solution, petroleum fuel, chemical reagent, medicine

Applicable materials for electronic density meter:

Plastic particles, engineering plastic particles, ABS solvent, nylon particles, PVC powder, EVA materials, PU foam, plastic composite materials, polymer materials, rubber particles, black smoke glue, resin, silicone, Teflon products, metal powder , Magnet powder, glass powder, tungsten carbide, graphite material, carbon woven material, titanium dioxide powder, various chemical liquids, viscous liquids

Applicable products of electronic density meter:

Plastic products, rubber products, films, metal products, powder metallurgy products, magnetic material products, oil-impregnated bearings, brake pads, oil seals, shock absorbers, counterweights, clubs, ball equipment products, EVA soles, PU packaging materials , PET bottles, ball stoppers, water valves, stone mica products, graphite, carbon products, wood products,

Research unit, laboratory:

Colleges and universities, commodity inspection institutes, quality inspection institutes, research laboratories, and other academic research units

Application fields of porosity tester: Catalyst, widely used in petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, agriculture, fine chemical and other fields as adsorbents, such as activated carbon, molecular sieve, activated alumina, etc., widely used in environmental protection; pigments, fillers, inorganic pigments , Calcium carbonate, zinc oxide, silicon oxide, mineral powder, etc.; ceramic material raw materials, alumina, zirconia, yttrium oxide, silicon nitride, silicon carbide, etc.; carbon black, white carbon black, nano-calcium carbonate, etc. for rubber and plastics Reinforcing agents for materials; new battery materials, such as lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganate, graphite and other electrode materials; luminescent rare earth powder materials; magnetic powder materials, such as ferroferric oxide, ferrite, etc.; nano powder materials, Including nano-ceramic materials, nano-metal materials, nano-silver powder, iron powder, copper powder, tungsten powder, nickel powder, etc.; others, such as ultra-fine fibers, porous fabrics, composite materials, sediments, suspended solids, etc.

The field of electronic density meter testing covers:

1. Various solids: water-absorbent products, granular products, floats, films, foams, various non-absorbent solids, etc.

2. Various liquids: products in toothpaste state, viscous liquids, corrosive liquids, etc.

3. Various powders: metal powder, rubber and plastic powder, additives, etc.

4. Noble metal density meter: gold, platinum, molybdenum, silver, palladium, chromium, etc.

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