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What are the functions of the desktop laboratory ammonia density detector?

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The desktop laboratory ammonia density detector adopts the Archimedes principle density method. Ammonia density detector, suitable for ammonia concentration detection in laboratories and various industrial environments and special environments. It is widely used in all kinds of upstream ammonia production, downstream ammonia procurement, power plants, cement plants, pharmaceutical industry, textile industry, printing and dyeing Industrial sites in industry, silk, industrial ammonia, agricultural ammonia, medical ammonia, chemical industry and other fields. Today, Hangzhou Jinmai Instrument Co., Ltd. takes the Quarrz "Cosi" brand as an example to explain in detail what are the features of the benchtop laboratory ammonia density detector?

1. It can automatically display the ammonia concentration, Baume degree, density and other values;

2. The characteristics of measurement, fast, easy operation, and high reliability;

3. Adopt Archimedes principle density method;

4. The measurement process only takes 5 seconds, and the ammonia concentration value is displayed instantly;

5. According to GBT 622-2006, GB/T11198.1-11198.15, GB/T55213531, 15223, 5009 specifications;

6. High accuracy of concentration: 0.1%;

7. With air buoyancy error compensation function and weight volume thermal expansion error coefficient compensation function;

8. With RS-232C communication interface, the optional data cable can be connected to the PC terminal, and the optional printer can print the measurement data;

9. Equipped with a special wind-proof and dust-proof cover, which is easy to combine and durable.

The desktop laboratory ammonia density detector has a wide range of applications and has become an essential physical and chemical testing instrument for major chemical product manufacturers!

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