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Shanghai Husheng Industrial Co., Ltd. is a domestic manufacturing company specializing in automated packaging machinery products, integrating R&D, production, sales and service. The company is inspiring to build a smart packaging machinery factory, develops smart packaging equipment for different product markets, constantly changes product quality and services, and provides companies with efficient, energy-saving, personalized packaging equipment and integrated solutions for supporting packaging materials.

The company develops and produces all kinds of packaging machinery products, has accumulated hundreds of product packaging experience, and each product is becoming more and more perfect. We are confident to provide a full range of services to different customers, such as: health food, tea industry, waterproof building materials, fertilizer industry, chemical industry, roasted nuts, flour starch, pesticides and veterinary drugs, daily chemical industry, biological pharmacy, salt industry, feed Industry, speed industry, additive industry, seasoning industry, hardware industry, Chinese medicine decoction pieces, seed grain and post-packaging, etc.

The main products currently include: vertical packaging machines, bag-to-bag packaging machines, big-bag packaging machines, back-packing bagging, bag-packing, palletizing systems and related agents for domestic and foreign brands of metering equipment, back-packing Organize equipment, various online testing equipment, etc., and have the design and construction capabilities of the entire plant packaging system.



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